MTR Nordic invests in a strategic integration partnership

MTR Nordic, a market leading company in international railway-related projects and operations, has decided to use iCore Integration Suite as its enterprise integration platform.

As a consequence of an expanding business, the company has seen its IT environment grow rapidly over the last couple of years and realized it needed to implement an integration strategy combined with a dedicated integration platform to avoid ending up with technical debt and a mess of point-to-point integrations. The keywords for the new platform were reusability, reliability, and maintainability. MTR carried out a thorough evaluation process and chose iCore as platform supplier and integration partner.

iCore and MTR will work closely to establish an integration strategy which supports MTR's ambitious business goals and growth plans. The governance of current and future solutions will be secured by launching an ICC (an Integration Competence Center), made up of key people from MTR and iCore.

"MTR is a successful, growing company with an important role in the development of the Swedish transport sector. At iCore, we are excited to be invited along on this ride", says Carl-Adam Wachtmeister, Business Development Manager at iCore Solutions.

Thomas Madsen

Chief Marketing Officer
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