Scandinavian film distributor Scanbox Entertainment chose iCore Integration Suite

Scanbox Entertainment is a major film distributor in Scandinavia. With businesses in four of the Nordic countries, Scanbox required professional and secure enterprise and application integration to coordinate business activities.

In their search for an integration solution, Scanbox decided to evaluate iCore Integration Suite (iCIS) and came to appreciate the flexibility and the adaptability of the product, which enables users to configure and administer integration flows in a fast and efficient way.

In the current implementation, iCIS integrates information flows between the offices in the Nordic countries. It also automates business communication with a third party logistics supplier. The solution manages information such as Stock levels, Sales/Revenue (invoices and credit notes), Purchase order receipts, Open orders, Out of business transactions, Items (new and updated articles) and Clients (new and updated customers). All the information is integrated with the ERP system MS Dynamics AX at the head office in Denmark. The information is also processed to a Business Intelligence solution.

Mikael Boquist

Chief Executive Officer
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