Industry 4.0 and IoT at the Movex/M3 User group Meetup North

iCore will participate at the Movex User Group Meetup North on November 20th, at the Ålö facilities in Brännland outside Umeå. Together with Radar Ecosystems, Infor, C4, and UDK we will talk about what Industry 4.0 (or the fourth industrial revolution) means for Swedish industrial companies. The agenda includes an exclusive “behind the scenes” tour of the highly automatized Ålö factory, as well as a presentation on how the company uses IoT to gain competitive advantages. Our own Fredrik Conradsson will talk about the role of integration in a world of connected devices.

We look forward to a day of networking and interesting discussions! If you want to know more about the event, contact me or Fredrik.

Annika Jörs

Marketing Coordinator & Inside Sales
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